Evo 7/8/9 M14 Titanium Hardware Kit $340

This kit replaces every M14 nut, bolt, washer on the CT9A.

Drops 2+lbs in weight

Never rusts

Stronger then OEM grade material

Will look bad ass forever

This kit consists of the following.
All M14 hardware
2 nuts for the rear subframe
2 bolts for the rear diff (not needed with most aftermarket subframes)
2 bolts for the rear trailing arms
4 bolts for the front subframe
2 washers for front subframe
2 nuts for the front subframe (add 2 nuts for diamond front subframe)
4 bolts for front struts
4 nuts for front struts.
1 anti gall lube cup

The kits are just that. A kit. Not to be picking and choosing. Only exceptions are if you have OEM or aftermarket subframes. The prices will be adjusted for those requests.

$340.00 shipped.

Add $12.00 for front diamond subframe
Subtract$ 30.00 for most after market rear subframes.

Titanium is 50% or more lighter then OEM hardware.
Titanium is as strong or greater then OEM grade hardware.
Titanium is corrosion resistant and will outlast the life of the vehicle.

Each Titanium kit comes with a special type of thread lubrication paste to protect the threads, resistant to galling, and prolong hardware life when installing / removing titanium hardware over and over again.