Power steering delete bracket Evo 7/8/9 $179 shipped

V1. For the ultra bad ass racer who has deleted the PS, AC, and water pump.

No idlers or PS delete pulleys needed with this bracket and uses 2 custom Ti counter sunk bolts for a smooth sleek finished look. Includes 2 custom Ti mounting bolts and 1 Ti timing cover bolt 179.00 shipped.


V2. For the racer who wants comfort.

This bracket let’s you use a PS delete pulley idler kit AND OEM idler for those who retained the AC units. Includes 1 custom Ti mounting bolt, 1 normal Ti bolt, and 1 Ti timing cover bolt. 179.00 shipped.


V3. For the hard core racer who has deleted PS, and AC.

This bracket let’s you use a PS delete idler kit. BUT this bracket let’s you delete the OEM idler pulley and still use a PS delete pulley. Includes 1 custom ti mounting bolt, 1 normal ti mounting bolt, and 1 ti timing cover bolt. 179.00 shipped