3000GT – GTO – Stealth DBW (Drive By Wire) Evo X Accelerator Pedal Bracket



Here is an adapter bracket made for the 3KGT – GTO – Stealth platform to allow you to use the Evo X DBW accelerator pedal for a bolt on DBW setup. This bracket puts the Evo X pedal in the factory location. The bracket is also adjustable (left to right) to also give the end user a little bit of adjustability to fit your needs. We chose the Evo X pedal because they are cheap, very available, and offer good resolution over some other DBW pedals. Each bracket setup will INCLUDE all titanium hardware to bolt the bracket to the firewall and the pedal to the bracket. Also an optional choice Evo X DBW pedal connector with pins and seal AND Bosch DBW throttle body connector.

DBW Accelerator Pedal is available with limited supply. When selecting the DBW Accelerator Pedal if it is shown as an option, it is in stock. If it is not shown in options it is not in stock. These are good used pedals from the EvoX, Ralliart, Chysler vehicles. Every pedal gets cleaned and inspected before you receive it ensuring that you get a good working pedal. We also offer a limited warranty on them based on the circumstances at hand.

Available in Raw and Anodized finish.

**** This is NOT compatible with RHD ******

Some benefits to going DBW

  • Deletes the factory throttle cable cleaning up the engine bay
  • Eliminates the need for a Idle Air Control Valve
  • Improved Driveability when using larger sized Throttle Bodies.
  • Easier Part-Throttle tuning for a smoother part throttle response while driving
  • ECU controlled Launch control
  • REV-MATCHED tuning Downshifts and No-lift upshift shifting.
  • Traction Control assistance using throttle position.
  • Cruise Control and Valet mode for safety.

Known ECU’s that support DBW :

Elite 1500
Elite 2500
Nexus R5

Infinity – 6
Infinity – 8
Infinity -8H

Fuel Tech
FT 550 lite
FT 550
FT 600

G4X Extreme X
G4X Fury X
G4X Plug in X
G4+ Force GDI
G4+ Thunder

ALL M1 Series

Pro 70
Pro 112
Pro 128

EMU – Black
EMU – Classic


**** This is NOT compatible with RHD ******


Bosch DBW Throttle body.
Note the 68mm TB mounting holes need to be drilled out for M8 sized bolts.
The 74mm and 82mm TB will require a adapter flange or a intake manifold flanged for this TB.
These will require the Bosch connector which you can choose in the connector drop down window.

Bosch 68mm DBW TB PN 0280750156
Bosch 74mm DBW TB PN 0280750474
Bosch 82mm DBW TB PN 0280750473

OEM Mitsubishi DBW options.
Note these are a direct bolt on to your EVO, DSM, and 3000GT OEM intake manifolds. Make sure you port match your manifold to the TB if needed. These will require the Mitsubishi connector which you can choose in the connector drop down window

2005 / 2012 Eclipse GT 68mm DBW TB

60mm The 4g eclipse NON gt 2.4L, 04-06 Lancer Ralliart, 05-06 4cyl Outlander, 05 – 12 Galant (4 cyl)

For additional wiring requests outside of what we offer on our site or for complete custom engine / chassis wiring harnesses contact Raven Fabrication https://ravenfab.com/

Additional information

Finish Options

Raw Finish, Anodized Black (+$35), Anodized Red (+$35), Anodized Purple (+$35)

Connector Kit

No Connector needed, Bosch DBW TB connector (+$10), Mitsu DBW TB connector ($10), Evo X pedal connector ($10), Evo X pedal connector & Bosch DBW TB connector ($20), Evo X pedal connector & Mitsu DBW TB connector ($20)


DBW accelerator pedal (+$90), No Pedal