3000GT Titanium shorty exhaust manifold stud kit gen3


NEW Gen 3 titanium shorty exhaust manifold stud kit

Introducing the new and improved Gen 3 EvoSpec Performance Titanium shorty exhaust manifold stud kit.


NEW gen 3 shorty exhaust manifold stud kit. As if the best kit made couldn’t get any better.


Our Gen 1 Ti shorty manifold kit was the shortest stud kit on the market. Allowing the least amount of interference in regards to the stud hitting the runners on some manifolds. They also use a 6 point Nut for the best solution to getting them nice and snug compared to a 12 point nut where you typically can’t even get a wrench on.

Then we designed Gen 2.

Some people have complained about many of the kits on the market where the flange on the nuts are interfering with the welds on the manifold head flange from the runners. Well We listened. And we fixed it with the new Gen 2 style nuts.

These Gen 2 nuts will come with these kits from now on. These nuts are a lot different then the standard nuts used on so many kits available. The main differences are a much smaller OD on the flange portion of the nut. We reduced the over all diameter of the flange surface giving you less chance to come in contact with the runner welds on your manifold. We also made the 6 point wrench size smaller.. The 6 point standard nut uses a 13mm wrench as the new Gen 2 nuts use a 12mm wrench and is slightly shorter in overall height as well. This gives you the absolute most clearance possible from the runner and from the welds while still giving you all the surface area needed to make sure the nut gets properly seated to the manifold flange.

Each kit will come with 6 of these new Gen 2 style nuts. You will use them on the top of each manifold right above each runner only. The other 8 nuts do not need to be a custom fit so the standard nuts will remain on the lower studs of the manifold.

And now introducing the GEN 3 shorty manifold stud kits.

You still get the Gen 1 shorty style studs, the Gen 2 custom clearance flange nuts and now adding the Gen 3 shorty stud with a Allen key drive on the face of the stud. This will allow you to use a Allen key to cleanly and safely make sure the stud is completely seated into the cylinder head insuring a perfect fit and finish every time.

Also included in all of our manifold stud kits is a special anti gall thread paste and high temp protectant that you apply during install. In addition, a brand new Allen key comes with each kit for you to use when installing the titanium studs. Welcome to the best exhaust manifold kit made 🙂

NOTE. Our stud kits are designed for all 1/2 thick /.500 manifold/head flanges (1/2 is pretty much standard among fabricators for turbo manifold flanges)