3KGT / 6G72 UD alternator pulley


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FINALLY these are done and available. The 3KGT UD alternator pulley. This pulley took us a long time to make. Mainly because of our workload. But also with making sure this pulley is sized correctly for the majority of the users. We had Chris Behnken from R’venge Performance do all of our testing. He tested a few different size pulleys for us and with his data and help we have come up with what we feel is the most ideal size pulley. He tested long term idling, driveability and track usage and shared some great results without any sacrifice. This pulley reduces the rotational weight compared to the oem pulley.

It also is sized properly so that you are not over spinning the alternator at higher (9500) rpms while still giving you enough amperage at idle to keep the car charging and functioning as it should. The oem alternator and oem pulley were not designed to be spun past 7000rpm. But lets face it. We all exceed those limits especially on a built engine and when bigger turbo setups are used. This allows you to get the most out of your combination without sacrificing your alternators performance, keeping it within its operating RPM For the daily driver, road and track, or drag racer this pulley will fit everyone’s needs. Each pulley will include a new titanium alternator nut as well which is also lighter then the factory steel nut.

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