Aluminum trunk arms, billet aluminum hinge brackets, and complete titanium hardware. Evo 7/8/9

See below.


  • Complete OEM trunk arms, hinges, torsion bars, hardware 5.15LBs.
  • Complete EvoSpec Performance billet hinges, aluminum arms Ti hardware 1.50lbs.
  • Everything needed for this install is included in each kit. The bolt hole for the arm to hinge is already drilled.
  • You will need to drill the hole from arm to trunk. Some aftermarket trunks use OEM bolts and some don’t. Just tell me the bolt size you have and that bolt will be supplied in titanium.
  • This drops good weight and still a 100% usable trunk open/closing. These are for the guys who do not want to use latchs, pins, or screw the trucks shut.