DSM 1G / 2G Auto Trans Pulse Generator Deletes



If you are building a 1G auto trans. Most likely you will not need the factory pulse generators. Most builders like to block off these oem pulse generators or even swap them out for a hall effort cherry sensor. So Here is a real nice and clean solution to block them off or add a cherry sensor.

If you chose to utilize the sensors the lower side one will monitor output shaft speed and upper top one will monitor input shaft speed.

Each sensor adapter has 4 lines etched right on the face of the adapter. These are used so that you can properly set the sensor gap from the gear/point it is picking up signal.

  1. Thread the sensor in all the way until it stops.
  2. Mark the smooth part at the top of the sensor with a line and make sure it is inline with 1 of the 4 lines om the adapter.
  3. Rotate the sensor counter clockwise at least 3/4 to 1 full rotation.
  4. Lock the 2 supplied jam nuts and your all set on the installation side.

Each block off/adapter comes with 1 titanium mounting bolt and 2 o rings. One for using and another for a spare.

Additional information

Price Set

Price Per 1, Price Per 2

Cherry Sensor

No Cherry Sensor, Cherry Sensor +$65

Finish Options

Raw, Black Anodized, Red Anodized, Purple Anodized