DSM 1G / 3000GT – GTO – Stealth Axle Nut Kit


Front AND rear Axle nut kit. For a long time we only offered the front castle nut in titanium as they were the same as the Evo castle nuts. After months of waiting we finally finished our rear Axle nuts and washers.


Introducing the front and rear Axle nut kit for the 1G DSM. This kit features the same style castle nuts found on the Evo and a custom nylock flanged nut and washer for the rear acle. The nylon insert lock nut stops the nut from backing out which is a better solution over the oem style nut that is a all metal lock nut. Which over time do loose there (locking grip) from continued use on and off the Axle shaft. Our nylock nuts will work much better, last longer and are 50% lighter then oem. The nut also features a flanged mating surface that will mate to the titanium washer much better and not chew the washer up over continued use. The titanium washer is also lighter and stronger then the oem steel washer.

Price shipped within the domestic U.S.

What you get

  • 2 front castle nuts and lock washers
  • 2 rear nylock flanged nuts and washers
  • 1 anti gall thread paste