DSM Auto trans converter return fitting


This 6AN fitting was designed for a few reasons. When you run 6AN fittings off the top of the trans the converter outlet line needs to be returned to the pan when doing the planetary oiling mod. In many cases the aftermarket trans pans did not have a 6AN provision unless you requested one or had it custom made. For those who still use the oem trans pan this is also a great addition. This fitting will save you from having to modify your pan and it still dumps the return fluid directly back into the trans pan.

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The fitting has 2 flat sides for a 20mm wrench. This is so you can hold the fitting and tighten down the hose end fitting onto the trans fitting.

The 6an fitting is secured in place using a E clip that slides into the receiver grove on the fitting once the fitting is slipped into the hole on the trans. Each kit comes with 1 fitting, 1 E clip, and 2 o rings. One that is installed on the fitting and 1 for a spare.


NOTE Everyone at this level or doing these types of mods should be monitoring converter charge pressure . Depending on the converter used, with or without a filter, oil cooler, line size/ length will all factor if or what size restrictor should be used. It’s not limited to this product either. Several other factors play a roll in convertor charge pressure. Some applications need a restrictor and some do not.

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