Evo 1-9 OEM cam sensor housing covers



Introducing the Evospec Performance OEM cam sensor housing covers for the evo 1-9. I have been asked 100s of times if I would sell just my cam housing covers for the oem housings. I wasn’t able to do that because my cam covers are designed for MY cam housings only and would not fit OEM housings properly so I decided to run a few oem spec cam housing covers These are not like our reverse cam housing covers. These are for the OEM cam sensor housings. They feature a O ring grove on the back that seals against the oem housing. Ditch that scrappy oem gasket that leaks after it is removed and reinstalled 🙂 also these include Titanium mounting bolts.

  • For Evo 1-8 you get 1 cover, 3 Titanium bolts and 2 o rings. 1 O ring is to be used with the cover and the other O ring is a spare for the future.
  • For evo 9 you get 2 covers, 6 Titanium bolts and 4 O rings. 2 are used with the covers and the other 2 are spares for the future.

Additional information

EVO Model

EVO 1-8, EVO 9

Finish Options

Raw, Black Anodized, Red Anodized, Purple Anodized