Evo 7-8-9 plug and play secondary fuel injector harness


Do you need to add a second set of injectors? Well here is the most simplest and cleanest way to do it without having to build a completely new harness or figuring out how to add it to your current harness.


These harnesses are constructed using top quality materials such as M22759/32 “Tefzel” wire and Raychem DR25 heat shrink. A high quality Racetronix relay, and your choice of style injector connectors you will need. We have the Denso style and EV6 style to chose from. Also let us know what type of ECU you will be connecting the 4 injector signal wires to and we will Pin those wires making this as PNP and simple as possible for you.

All 4 injector signal wires are numbered 1 through 4 so you know which one is which. Injector #1 is the longest lead at the very end of the harness, the next shortest one is #2, and so on with #3 and #4. After the 4th injector connector you have 4 feet of wiring that will reach into the cabin through the oem wiring harness hole on the firewall giving you plenty of length to reach your ecu location.

For the relay wiring harness

  • Pin 30 with the larger long red wire is battery power. It’s 8 feet long for those who have their battery in the trunk or under the hood. It’s long enough to reach both locations.
  • Pin 86 with the smaller shorter red wire is switched power
  • Pin 85 with the black wire is ground
  • Pin 87 is the power output to the injectors, it’s left empty for now. The red wire on the injector harness is terminated with the contact and seal and just needs inserted into the relay connector after passing it through a firewall or grommet.

Additional information

Injector style connector

Denso, EV6, EV1