EVO 8 Titanium Wing Hardware



Do you want to redo the OEM Evo 8 carbon fiber wing because it’s faded or needs to be re painted/cleared but aren’t sure of how to get it back together? Look no further.

Introducing the Evo 8 titanium wing hardware kit. Once you get the OEM hardware cut off and perform the new finish to the wing. Top it off with this titanium hardware kit. Specifically designed for these wings to allow you to easily put it back together and take it back apart any time you feel the need. Never again leaving you wondering what to do. These bolts have a 2mm Allen key hole on the center of the bolt shaft so that you have the ability to hold the bolt while tightening down the nylock insert hex flange nuts. The dome end of the bolt will look so fresh and clean when installed on the OEM carbon fiber or paint.

Each kit comes with 8 custom titanium dome head/Allen bolts, 8 titanium nylock hex flange nuts, and a 2mm Allen key wrench


Check out the video a customer provided showing how easy it is to reassemble.