EvoSpec TITANIUM 60 degree tapered style floating washer lug nuts


Introducing the EvoSpec Performance TITANIUM lug nuts. Welcome to the best Ti lug nuts on the market today. During the design process we incorporated every feature we felt necessary to make these the best lug nuts you can buy. Each kit will include: (20) lug nuts  and (1) Anti gall paste cup


  1. A nurled end for finger tip grip when you are trying to hand thread them on or off.
  2. EvoSpec logo etched right onto the lug nuts with a 85 FT-LBs mark for those late nights or if you had to much to drink. I have reminded you where the best lug nuts came from and how tight to make them 🙂
  3. 17mm Hex drive
  4. Floating washer design to help avoid chewing up your expensive wheels when installing and uninstalling lug nuts over and over.
  5. 60 degree tapered seat(most commonly used)
  6. 100% threaded design. Threaded from end to end thus giving you the best amount of lug nut to stud contact possible. These will work perfectly with OEM studs and Extended studs no matter how long they are. You get 100% contact
  7. M12 1.5 thread pitch
  8. Extremely light weight, strong, won’t rust or corrode
  9. Every kit will include our special Ti thread paste to help protect the threads from continued use over and over again.
  10. These will fit all wheels that use a 60 degree tapered style lug nut which is the most commonly used tapered pitch.

Each kit will include: (20) lug nuts  and (1) Anti gall paste cup