Titanium COMPLETE Suspension kit


This one is a large one. It covers every single nut, bolt, washer needed for the Evo 7/8/9 suspension. This kit will drop just shy of 5lbs lbs of weight.


This kit will come separated and individually bagged so you know where each piece goes.
Yes you may buy sections of the suspension kit and I can brake it down however buying sections at a time will cost significantly more to complete the suspension kit.

Here is what you get, in reference to photo:

  • Bottom left:  Front A arm bolts, ball joint pinch bolts and nuts
  • Bottom center: Front strut to spindle bolts and nuts, upper strut top nuts
  • Bottom right: FRONT sway bar bracket bolts, end links nuts, end link bracket bolts REAR sway bar bracket bolts and washers, end link nuts
  • Top left: Rear trailing arm bolts and nylon ball joint nuts
  • Top left center: Rear upper control arm bolts and nylon ball joint nuts Top center. Rear lower control arm bolts, washers and nuts
  • Top right center: Rear toe arm nylon ball joint nuts Top right. Rear strut top nuts.

Titanium is 50% or more lighter then OEM hardware.
Titanium is as strong or greater then OEM grade hardware.
Titanium is corrosion resistant and will outlast the life of the vehicle.

Each Titanium kit comes with a special type of thread lubrication paste to protect the threads, resistant to galling, and prolong hardware life when installing / removing titanium hardware over and over again.